Importance of iPhone Programmer in iPhone App Development

A lot of people are there, who think iPhone app development is next to rocket science. They should know that this is nothing but a myth. If proper guidelines and tutorials are properly followed, even a complete beginner will find himself at east whilst developing an iPhone application. The two basic things a developer needs are a MAC computer and an iPhone. These two are literally essential because in the absence of any of these, iPhone programming cannot be done. 

There are so many documentations available and getting access to those documents is not at all difficult because over the internet, there are zillions of websites, which have relevant information on iPhone application development. The next thing the developer needs is the Interface Builder, which functions as a layer between the programmer and the application that he wants to develop. The developer doesn’t have to download the interface builder separately. If he downloads the iPhone software development kit, everything will be in that kit only. The SDK normally has everything that a programmer may need to build an application including the XCode, iPhone simulator and the Interface Builder. All of these are needed to build an iPhone.

To go ahead with iPhone application development, the programmer needs to install the XCode. Along with this, the programmer also needs to have few important things such as MAC PC, which is running on the OSX. At the same time, he needs to make sure that the MAC PC is running on the latest version of the OSX. 

Good news for the iPhone programmer is that the SDK is downloadable for free. However, after the development of the application, if he wants to submit it to Apple’s app store, so that it gets distributed and fetches him money, he’ll have to pay Apple $99. This may sound a lot of money but the developer needs to keep in mind that he can earn a great deal of money. Comparing to that, $99 is not a huge amount. This is the reason, many developers pay $99 and develops iPhone related applications. There are few things that the programmer needs to know about XCode. The XCode is actually IDE for iPhone development. An IDE or integrated development environment contains some essential elements such as build automation tools, debugger and source code editor. The IDE is very important if the programmer wants to work on developing iPhone application. 

The programmer also needs to know about the programming languages, which are needed for iPhone application development. For working on iPhone app development, C, C++ and Object C are needed. C language is used to develop apps, which are simple ones. C++ is used mainly to design games and most of the developmental works are being done with the use of Object C. The framework is also quite important. Usually, the framework that is used in the development process is Cocoa-Touch. This framework is responsible for the development of sliders, labels, buttons etc. Many users don’t know that displaying windows views and navigation buttons etc is due to the framework. 

Not always it’s possible for a person to develop iPhone apps by himself. In that case, he can deliver the work to an experienced developer. However, he needs to have idea on iPhone app development process so that he could at least monitor the work properly.

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