FIX IT - Operation Could not be completed -The Print spooler service is not running-

The Print spooler service is not running
          Operation Could not be completed

Well, in this post i am helping you to fix the issues related to Printer Spooler, I think you to see this alert Box in your system some day  " Operation Could not be completed -The Print spooler service is not running"

When you are in a hurry for printing some documents and your system shows this dialog box, WHAT DO YOU DO ?,  

So i will show you a simple and fast method to help your spooler to start the service . For that you should follow these steps..........

Step 1)  Click on start 

printer Spooler task

           2)  Click on Control Panel 

    3)  Click on Administrative tools

4)  Click on Services

5)  When you click on services a Dialog Box appears,. Now scroll down in that box and find PRINT SPOOLER.

6) When You find the PRINT SPOOLER, right click and Select start.

Now you spooler starts working, Happy Printing, 

Or in Simple ( Start---> Control Panel---> Administrative Tools---> Services---> Print Spooler----> Right click and select Start)

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