Why Adsense? Is there any alternatives helpful!


                       I think you all heard about Google Adsense, Adsense is the largest Ad Network connecting more than 1 lakh customers worldwide( both publishers and advertisers). To become a advertiser in Adsense is easy as 1..2..3 and t become a publisher is hard as it is. Because Adsense is the only Network which follows all his Guidelines and Quality measurements. Adsense team is very strict in that.
            Adsense have a strong basement because adsense is from the house of GOOGLE.(The largest Search Engine the Internet, that uses a Technology Named PigeonRank™)  ,

Google Pigeon Rank technology

“If Your website is denied by adsense team, then it is denied for life time” There is no way of appeal for invalid Click Activity, No further way to re insert the ads in your website, That’s why advertisers LOVE ADSENSE.

"The reason why advertisers love adsense is that, they get refund for any invalid activity that publisher posses for his ads, no other Ad Network do such a favor for Advertiser."

In the latest report of us states that around 80% of the Indian websites are denied for invalid click activity,"

What is Invalid Click Activity in Google AdSense System?

If you are a Google AdSense publisher then you may be worried about “Invalid Clicks” which is the most common reason for account disabling. Google takes invalid click activity very seriously. If you are a AdSense publisher, then you must know what is actually invalid click activity? , So that you can protect your AdSense account.

Phase 1: - Google like AdSense clicks through organic traffic. That means, if anybody will come to your site by searching a specific keyword and will click on your AdSense ads then in Google eye’s it is called a valid click. However, there are also so many factors which Google generally applies in its AdSense algorithm but this is the very important point in Google's eye.

Phase 2:- Google generally looks at referring sites, which are referring traffic to your site if the traffic coming from valid sites according to Google, and you are generating clicks from these sites then according to Google this is valid click activity. However, Google also looks at I.P address but referring sites also play a big role in AdSense algorithms.

Phase 3:- If Google will see direct traffic on your site is generating so many clicks then it is a bad alert for you. Here direct traffic means, whenever anybody will directly type your website address in his/her browser and will start clicking rapidly then according to Google it is called “Click bombing” this is generally done by robots.

So in this way, after reading the above article you have the basic idea about “Invalid Click Activity” in Google AdSense program.

Now, Why this much percentage of indian Website is denied by Adense team?

In our survey its clear that 90% of the Indian websites are owned and controled by students., As we take the case of students they need money (POCKET MONEY) for various enjoyment including treats and buying costumes, fuel for their vechilce etc. so they think that in one single night they can be MILLOINARE.

In my opinion and experience no Alternative can generate income as adsense do.

try to Keep your Adsense account safe from all Invalid click activity . If Some thing happens to your Account through invalid Activity that you have made, No one can Approve your Account.
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