3 Ways You Can Make Money On The Internet

For some people, the internet is more than a source of entertainment or a means to connect with their friends. It is their job, their income stream.
They don’t answer to a boss; they never fear losing their jobs. They are living the dream.
Let’s take a look at three ways you can make money on the internet and join the people that are making a killing.
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There are a huge number of bloggers that have managed to turn their online voice into a passive income stream that grows stronger and stronger the longer they add content to their blogs.
Making money as a blogger is not easy, but it has the potential to earn more money than your day job, that I am certain of.
Let’s take a look at how bloggers make money in practice.
You create a blog around a certain topic, targeting a certain type of audience.
This audience would ideally all share common interests, characteristics and buying trends, which would make it easier to make money from them.
Then, you would place advertisements or affiliate links within your blog, with the intention of your visitors purchasing from them, and you take a cut.
Essentially, the amount of money that you make will be determined by how much traffic you generate to your blog, and how suitable the advertisements and products are for that audience.

Freelancing is a good way of bringing in some quick amounts of income to keep you tied over for a while. In order to be successful as a freelancer, you would need a certain skill set that is needed by a wide number of employers
There are a few websites that make it really easy to find jobs suitable for your certain skills. Head over to Fiverr, Elance, or Peopleperhour where you can find jobs suitable to your skills.
These websites will allow your employers to leave feedback and ratings for your work, which will affect your ability to get work from those sites in the future.

Drop Shipping
Drop shipping is an unusual way of making money on the internet that involves selling products online, without actually having to stock those products.
Simply build an appealing website, direct targeted traffic to that site, and then make a sale for any of the products.
Then, you have to transfer the customer details to the manufacturer, and they will handle the rest. Your profit will be the difference between the cost of the product at wholesale rate, and the price that you sold it at.
That’s all; if you would like to discuss these ways of making money on the internet, please leave a comment below. 

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