How to Repair your mobile: Theory, Repairing tricks and basic ideas

Mobile Phone Repairing : Theory, Repairing Tricks and basic ideas - Chapter I

We are proud to introduce you  "The mobile repairing Technic and Theories", we think it is very helpful to those who wish to become a technician and also helpful to those who are already in this field., We will cover all about the theory , working Principle, Fault Findings and function of each and every components.  

                                  Today we would like to introduce some basic Knowledge about Main PCB and Two different Sections of the PCB and the components which are used for separate sections.

Mobile Phone PCB can be divided in to two sections. 
  • Logic Section 
  • RF Section (Radio Frequency) or Network Stage

The logic section controls each and every function of a mobile phone and the RF stage used for connecting the mobile Net Work.
The logic Stage consisted of CPU, Flash IC( ROM - Read only Memory), RAM ( Random Access Memory) , EEPROM (Electrically Programmable and Electrically Erasable Program Memory), Power Supply IC, Charging IC, Sound ICs, RTC (Real Time Crystal) etc. In the beginning Flash IC, RAM, EEPROM were separate but now a days we can see flash RAM and EEPROM fused in a single module  and likewise Power IC and Charging IC in a single module and some time Power IC and CPU in a single module and even we can notice a single CPU module which internally consisted of all of these ICs. In addition we can find Bluetooth module , FM Radio module, Camera Module etc , in modern Mobile Phones. 

The main part of the RF Stage is the RF IC (Network IC) the other major components include crystal (26 MHz or 13 MHz) , VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator), Power Amplifier (PA), Antenna Switch , Antenna, Band pass filters etc.

                                                                              (To be Continued)

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