Creating Quality Content For SEO

Gone are the days of link buying and swapping, and the days of churning out endless dreary content that nobody would ever want to read. Due to Google’s algorithm updates, good quality content is now essential in SEO. Practicing old SEO will get you nowhere and is likely to go against you. So how do you create quality content for SEO purposes?

Choosing A Topic

As you are writing for SEO it’s safe to assume that you have a company or site in mind to write for, but how can you turn a website into an idea for a good blog or article? Ask yourself what might people like to read around this topic? Let’s say you are writing for a company who sell radiators. Very few people would be interested in a blog outlining the ins and outs of a radiator. Instead write something that will help people, such as a guide or a home improvement blog.

Add Some Personality

So continuing on the radiator theme let’s say you are going to write a guide to staying warm in the winter while keeping costs down. Chances are there are lots of blogs out there already advising people on this topic. So how do you make something that has been done ten times over new? Your content must be unique and cannot in any way be copied or repeated versions of someone else’s. Use what is unique about you, your personality. Put your own stamp on things, once you start writing regularly you will soon find you have your own style. Draw upon your own experiences too to support what you are staying.

Key words

The whole point in creating content is to include your key words and link the site you are trying to optimise. In SEO it is easy to become focussed on key words, as important as they are, they should be an afterthought. Content should come first and it is essential your content is good quality and unique. Key words must fit into your content naturally and if you can’t fit them in without being obvious I would advise choosing a different key word or changing your topic.


The title is possibly the most important part of your article. Without a good title what is there to make someone want to read on? Tittles should be short and to the point and clearly tell the reader what the blog that follows is about. It’s a great idea to make your title snappy and humorous, but avoid doing this at the cost of making your title unclear and confusing.
Not all of us can naturally produce quality content. To some of us writing doesn’t come easily and can be a frustrating task, but quality content is a must when practicing good SEO. For help when it comes to writing good content seek advice from a professional UK SEO company.

Eilidh MacRae works for Bristol internet marketing agency Marketing By Web. Guest blogger
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