Li Jiannan Seeks Body Guard with salary $59,486 /annum

Nanjing University's Most Beautiful Girl

Nanjing University student, Li Jiannan, who was named "Nanjing University's Most Beautiful Girl" by netizens, is now seeking a bodyguard.

Claiming that she had been stalked by strangers, Li decided to hire a bodyguard after news about a girl who was attacked by a knife, reported China Hush.

In her microblog post, Li listed the requirements for the type of security she seeked. The candidate must be able to beat up three guys at once and be good-natured. The selected candidate also has to protect her safety at all times and has to escort her home at night.

The 20-year-old student is not concerned about the candidate's physical appearance and the selected applicant will get a remuneration of RMB 300,000 ($59,486) over three years. She also promised a 10-year contract if she is impressed by the candidate.

According to Li, other men have reportedly followed her home, hence, forcing her to move. She posted on her Weibo account: "Recently, I have encountered scary stuff like being followed home and knocking at my front door.

Add to this a few exaggerated reports of what women encounter on the streets, and I have decided to hire a male bodyguard."

According to Hello Nanjing, her online celebrity status has led to some unpleasant situations, including men popping by the school to seek out the sporty lass.

Besides being Nanjing University's school beauty, Li's rise to fame also includes her participation in two local television programmes, reported China Hush.

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