IPhone 4 Jailbreak |How to Jail Break Iphone 4 in 4 Easy Steps.

How to Jail Break I Phone 4 and Unlock it, its Pretty easy.

Jail Breaking a I Phone means Installing Cydia.,any one can do it. We are here to help you gays to do it in 4 EASY steps....

1) Download the Following to Start
                a) RedSn0w 9.14b2
                              b)  Download 5.1 Firmware
                                     5.1.1 (4 


                                    5.1.1 (4 


2) Launch I TUNE latest version and restore it by selecting 5.1 ipsw. DONT UPGRADE IT, Extract the Redsn0w and save it. Right click and open Redsn0w.

3) Click Jail Break and connect the i Phone and put it in the DFU (Deep Flashing Mode) mode(To put in DFU mode , check the below video)

4) Redsn0w will guide you " How to get into DFU mode, Redsn0w will prepare the jail break data after detecting the I Phone in DFU mode. Select the CYDIA from the list of option displayed and click next the phone will begain to upload RAM Disk and Kernal.
    When Complete you can Notice the cydia in the spring board, again you have to return to redsn0w, then open it and click extras and select just boot option and do the process again, this is because the device is currently tethered .


(WIFI is needed for unlocking/Internet)

1)  Launch Cydia installer.
2) Press the manage tab at bottom and press Source.
3)Press Edit, Press Add button at the top. ENTER " http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com, and add the source(Some times it automatically displays the source)
Press repo666.ultrasn0w.com and press Install button at the top of the screen, It automatically download the files needed, and your Iphone will be unocked.

Now Enjoy, the power of I PHONE 

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Note: We don't have any responsible, all these steps above have to done by your own risk. 

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