5 Most Popular Free iPad Games

The price of most of the iPad games range between one to five dollars. This is really cheaper in comparison to most of the console games in eBay or Amazon. However, there are some iPad games that you can avail and enjoy for free. You do not need to store a credit card in your iTunes account in order to get these games. You can download them for free and start playing. But you should keep in mind that there are no such games available in the market that is absolutely free. The developers certainly have to earn something in return of their creations. Therefore, the term used to refer to these apps is “freemium”. This implies that the games can be downloaded for free, but the earning can be made from in-game advertising or in-game selling. If you want to have fun without any expense, then you should surely go for the free iPad games. Mentioned below are some of these exciting games that you may download. -->

Free iPad Games
·         Shadow Era- It is a card game that requires lot of strategizing. As far as artwork and game mechanics is concerned, this game is quite similar to Magic: the Gathering. This game is very addictive and needs a lot of strategy and planning. This app enables you to play with players across the globe. AS player can play this game through Android devices or through computer. It is obvious that when you are looking to play this game with other people, you must connect your iPad to the internet.

·      Falling Fred, Falling Fred Z- The concept of both the gaming apps is the same. While playing falling Fred, you need to make use of the tilt feature present in your iPad, in order to control a falling character called Fred through various obstacles like wires, platforms and fire. Players with a weak stomach should not play this game. The game is extremely gory. The character’s head and limbs are removed, and he bleeds a lot. Despite the obstacles, Fred manages to survive at the end of every game. Falling Fred Z is just another version of this game and there is no such difference between the two.

·         Tap Tap Radiation- If you are very fond of games related to musical rhythm such as Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero, then you will surely like this iPad game. You need to keep tapping to the song beats and move from the fun to the difficult level. There are a few songs in the game and you will have to pay in order to download some extra songs.

·         Mega Jump- The little character in this game continues to jump until he is directed by you towards power ups and coins. This is actually an iPhone app. However, you may scale up the size to its double so that it covers most part of the large screen of your iPad. It is a fact that this game can be enjoyed better in iPad. You can use the iPad in the form of a steering wheel.

·         Gun Bros- This shooter game is controlled by dual sticks. The left stick is used to direct walking and the right one for shooting.

You must keep in mind that these games can be downloaded and played without you having to pay anything. If you find that you are being forced by the app to purchase it, then it is better to delete it immediately.

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