5 Ways to Drive Mobile Traffic to Your Blog

People are using mobile devices more frequently than they use PC or laptop. It means that there will be big potential for you to attract mobile traffic to your blog. Isn’t it a good idea for you to take advantage of this phenomenon? Here are 5 ways to drive mobile traffic to your blog:

1. Optimize your blog for mobile users

If you’re using Wordpress platform, there are some good plugins that you can use to optimize your Wordpress blog. The good advantage of optimizing your blog for mobile users is that you will be able to keep your readers’ comfort while reading your blog through mobile devices. Sometimes, it’s frustrating for your readers to repeatedly doing zoom in and out just to read your blog post through their smartphones. By optimizing your blog for mobile users, you are making it easier for them to read your content without hassles.

2. Create mobile landing page

Mobile landing page is important for you to implement because if you’re attracting mobile traffic to your blog, you have to make sure to catch that traffic into your list so that you can get in touch with them later. Sometimes, mobile users are impatient and forgetful. They will browse from one website to another website without thinking about coming back. They only want to read some information to pass time. So, by creating mobile landing page, you can ask their email address while they browse with their mobile device. In doing so, you won’t lose them.

3. Create mobile version of your blog

Creating mobile version of your blog is not the same as optimizing your blog for mobile devices. When you create mobile version of your blog, you are essentially creating a mini-version of your website to be able to be read only from mobile devices. This is an important tip that you should implement in your blog. That’s because when you have mobile version for your blog, you will be able to rank on Google mobile search, which is different from the regular Google search engine. As a result, you’ll get more mobile traffic coming your way.

4. Create effective mobile marketing campaign

Since mobile users are increasing every year, there are many mobile marketing companies that are trying to help website owners to spread the word about their website via mobile advertising. Fortunately, it can be said that mobile marketing is cheaper than regular advertising that you put on PPC platforms such as AdWords or Facebook Ads. So, it’s a good idea to promote your blog through mobile advertising. It’s a low-cost way to get mobile traffic fast.

5. Create app for your blog

Smartphones and tablets have abundance of apps for the users to download. In fact, people are crazy about mobile apps. They’re practically downloading new apps every day. With the popularity of mobile applications like this, it is a good idea for you to create an app for your blog. The purpose of this app is basically to let your readers to browse your blog conveniently. You can also add some features on your app, such as subscription, sharing, bookmarking, and so on. Release your app on popular mobile platforms.

Those are some tips you can follow to drive mobile traffic to your blog. By taking advantage of today’s mobile craze, you can increase your blog popularity quickly and gain more loyal readers in the process.
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