Apple Claims Second Place Sales Among Smartphone Manufacturers

Apple is busy in fighting with Samsung, but interesting thing is Apple has beaten LG in the U.S. markets, ComScore revealed. Credit goes to iPhone 5 that has win over great market share. With 17.8% cell phone market share of U.S., Apple grabbed the second place from LG at the end of October. LG faced a drop from 18.5% to 17.6% market share. 

                     iPhone 5, after its launch in September, has been giving Apple a real boost in the Smartphone industry. Last year, Apple remained at 3rd and 4th places after LG and Motorola in the list of top U.S. Smartphone manufacturers. 
At present, Samsung is still at top of the list with 27.3% market share. In current ranking, Samsung and Apple are at the gaining end while Motorola, LG, and HTC are at the losing end. Short glimpse of the two quarters’ market share of main Smartphone manufacturers is given below:

·         Samsung had 25.5% market share in July 2012 and 26.3% in October 2012.
·         Apple had 16.3% market share in July 2012 and 17.8% market share in October 2012.
·         LG had 18.4% market share in July 2012 and 17.6% market share in October 2012.
·         Motorola had 11.2% market share in July 2012 and 11% in October 2012.
·         HTC had 6.4% market share in July 2012 and 6% in October 2012.
The data is compiled by ComScore after surveying above 30,000 Smartphone users from U.S. The results are excellent for Apple as the company is competing against its tough rival, Android, and also struggling to cope with short supplies. 
Apple has broken its own previous year record of selling iPhones; 26.9 million iPhones sold during 3rd quarter, which has crossed the limit of 25 million, as forecasted by Wall Street. However, the number is not that much high from that of the previous quarter. 

The demand and supply issue has one major reason, the complex manufacturing. According to Foxconn’s representative, it was the most complicated Smartphone they have ever assembled and workers are still in learning process of its better assembling. 
The supply issue became severe, as buyers have to wait for longer even after placing the online orders. However, the situation changed last month when supply started matching up with the demand. Apple has brought the ship time to just one week, which was previously several weeks. It will surely give a real boost to Apple’s sales volume of iPhone 5. Wall Street forecasts 46 million iPhone 5 sets to be sold in the current quarter, but critics claim the number to be much higher. 
If the sales volume of iPhone 5 will go on increasing, more are the chances Apple will cross Samsung to get the top place among Smartphone manufacturers. Chances are there as iPhone demand is increasing day by day and news of Apple’s efforts to improve iPhone 5 is attracting more customers. It will also put a challenge for unlock iPhone 4S service providers to introduce some reliable unlocking support.
What do you think, Apple will remain successful in beating all other rivals in upcoming quarter results? Share your opinion!

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