Top Seven Android Apps for Personal Finance

Android devices have surpassed Apple devices in popularity. It's no wonder there are myriad apps for these mobile phones and tablets. One of the most popular categories of Android app downloads is that of finance – personal finance. Some of the most popular and free financial management apps for Android mobiles are listed below. Remember: Regardless of popularity and effectiveness, each one is free!

Perennially popular, this money management app for Android – and iPhone if interested, provides  real time access to your online account, which holds all your financial account information in one secure location. Program alerts to remind you to pay bills, store purchase date information, spot-check your budget parameters and track spending.

Gas Finder

Popular since the day it was released, Gas Finder helps you find the most inexpensive gasoline in your area. Its geo-synching will ensure that only local prices are displayed, allowing you to confidently choose the one you prefer. Even from the highway, you can determine whether you proceed or exit immediately for the best gas price in the area.


Of the near-plethora of grocery-related apps on the market, OurGroceries is a little bit different. Not only can you create and modify grocery lists, ensuring you don't forget something, it allows you to segregate lists by store. You can create customized lists for ordinary food items, a specialty shop, the hardware store or other location.  It also allows others to synch to you list, ensuring two people in your family don't duplicate purchases or that a new addition isn't overlooked on a existing list.


This mobile app was the first barcode-reading app for Android. It's still one of the most popular, and here's why: ShopSavvy is not only free, it also provides prices of the scanned item from local competitors, ensuring you don't overpay for the item you want. This app has more than 5.5 million users worldwide for a reason. It's a budget saver many times over.

Google Finance

This multiple-area mobile phone app for Android provides a pronged approach to financial management. You can track your personal finance, your stock portfolio, financial news and real-time stock prices. Get the best of Google Finance right in your smartphone or tablet.

Mileage App

This app allows you to track what you pay for gas and your traveled mileage. It helps not only track expenses but makes record-keeping for tax purposes a snap.

KeyRing App

This app easily scans all of the merchant discount cards usually kept on a keyring or in a wallet. Just choose which card applies, and the cashier scans it into the register system directly from your phone. Reduce the poking and prodding of those plastic corners and toss away the extra bulk. Use your smartphone the smart way to eliminate clutter.

Written by Jaye Ryan, a techno-fan and freelance writer who loves writing about mobile apps.
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