Benefits of Social Media for SEO


Google and Bing have both stated that social media will help your Search engine optimization (SEO). However many people have taken this as a sign that social media is now the holy grail of SEO, when it is not. Social media is just another element that you need to add into your SEO campaign. It holds no more power than on-page keywords, back links  or even Meta tags. Each element has its place in a broad and well-structured SEO campaign.

Social media has a very wide reach

 Search engine optimization is better served when it is far-reaching and widespread. Why? Because search engines cannot index every page on the Internet--the Internet is simply too dynamic. So a wide reach is needed to be sure that you are within the search engines line of focus as often as possible (social media offers this). Social media may not offer SEO benefits as strong as a link from a respected website, but in terms of its reach, it is hard to beat.

You get to use brand names in your posts

This is good for two reasons. The more that your brand name skips around the Internet then the more you are going to benefit as a brand. Plus the more it is seen on social media then the more the search engines will pay attention to it. Social media creates social media signals that search engines pay attention to. You may also be lucky enough to have people link to you outside of their social media profile. For example, they may reference a story of yours from social media, and link to your website as a result.

It’s another content platform

It is another place to put your content, and another place for you to add keywords and then link from. The keywords that surround your social media links may not be as powerful as if (for example) they came from an online article with a link installed, but the link, the content and the anchor text still has a bit of SEO power.

Google+ has SEO benefits

 Even if Google denies it (which they don’t), Google+ has to have extended SEO benefits to its use. The social media site was created by the biggest search engine in the world, so it is hard to believe that they would not dispense extra SEO benefits for using their social media site.

Tweeting to get indexed faster

You can use Twitter to get your website, web pages, or blog posts indexed a little quicker. If you tweet about your blog post/article post and link to the post, it will be indexed a little quicker than if you were to let it ride on its own.

Rel=Author Tags

You can put a picture of yourself next to your blog posts and articles if you wish. The benefits of this author system are numerous (but mostly pointless), but Google does have a point about assigning a real person to articles. With their author tag system, a Google+ account can be attached to a set of online articles. If Google learns that one writer is producing particularly good content, then there is little stopping them from pushing their content up the search engine results pages prematurely in the future.


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Social media is faster acting

The search engines are monitoring social media all the time, so for example, if you were to install a link from a website and a link from social media on the same day, it is far more likely that you would feel the positive effect of the social media link than you would the website back link.

You gain access to social media affiliate advertising

If you start up in social media, you will also gain access to their social media programs, as well as all of the associated SEO benefit. You also gain access to their tools that you can use to tailor your affiliate campaign and your social media campaign.

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