How to Find Your Dream Job Using Social Media

Social Media is certainly not the first place that comes to mind when looking for a job on the Internet. And yet Social Media also allows you to contact more and more companies who may have unadvertised job offers. Social media may not be the ideal place for you to find a job, but it can certainly help you, and some people do find employment as a result of their actions on social media.

Use social media to scout and mine information

 After creating your social media profile, you may become aware that you are competing with hundreds of applicants. A Facebook fan page may show you the comments of other people, and the Tweets of certain companies may indicate a growing interest in their available positions. If you have spotted one of their staff mentioning an upcoming opening in the company, then it is likely that many others have spotted it too.

Ask your friends

 Most of your friends have jobs. So ask them if there is an opening at their place of work. They will know the bosses and admin staff personally and may be willing to sway things in your favor. You can contact your friends over social media, and even contact your acquaintances in order to see if they know of any vacancies at their place of work. You can make direct contact with your potential employer On Social Media, you are immediately in contact with the person who posts the jobs online. So when you send a question, you are more likely to get a quicker answer. You should use this ability to mine more information, such as the name of the person to contact when you apply for your job.

Show off your expertise

 For the rest, you must show your expertise in the area in which you are looking for a job. How? Simply by posting tweets that deal with topics related to your chosen field. And sometimes commenting on other just makes sure you avoid overfilling the comment with puns. Write blog posts on your chosen profession and try to gain the notoriety of being an expert in the field. Your LinkedIN profile can come into play here too.

Search Jobs on Social Media

Before you begin, you must first do a job on your Social Media profile. You may not find many mentions of job offers on YouTube, but try looking at companies Facebook Fan page, their Tweets, or the LinkedIN pages of their staff.

Fix up your own profile

 Your social media profile must have a very professional look and impeccable structure, spelling, format and themes. Why? Because as soon as you respond to a job offer your profile will be visited. In terms of your profile, the first impression of the recruiter must weigh in your favor if you wish to get past the application phase. Use your real name and take care when presenting your 'Bio', which you should turn into a summary of your resume. Your short bio presentation will end with the words "Seeking employment" to show that you are available. If you are still employed when seeking new employment then you should leave that part off of your bio.

Link up your profiles

Link your online resume and LinkedIN and Viadeo profile. Make frequent references to and from your Twitter and Facebook profiles, and link them with the others when you get the chance.

Follow a job poster on Twitter

People such as recruitment officials may often post Tweets about their most recent vacancies. It may be a good idea to follow these people and apply for their jobs as they arrive. The people who post the messages may be willing to converse with you so that you can build a relationship with them, and over time, gain credible and serious expertise and knowledge. Feel free to re-tweet the posts of those responsible, just so that you are noticed in advance.

Get in touch with people who work at other jobs

 Get in touch with staff and minor functionaries. Feel them out about jobs and way you may get one. Take in interest in people who are working at places that you want to work. A lot of the time they will think that you are simply taking an interest in them, and will have no idea as to your ulterior motives. Try contacting more than one person per business to be on the safe side.

Don’t forget that social media is fast moving

 Things such as re-tweets happen very quickly and social media conversations quickly sink down the social media timelines very quickly. You will have to keep monitoring the social media sites if you do not want to miss anything. It is always a good idea to cast your eye over previous conversations too.

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