How to write a short bio for your guest post?

You have just finished writing your fantastic guest post, you submit it and the webmaster is thrilled. However, he/she emails back asking for an author bio…what do you do? You actually have a number of options when writing your short bio for your guest post. Much of it depends upon your marketing strategy. How you are planning to market your website or blog is going to dictate what you do when you write your author bio. Here are a few ideas on what direction to take when writing your author bio.

You may be honest and write about you

You can go the honest route and simply write about yourself. Try to include why you wrote the piece. How you are related to the subject matter. What experience or qualifications you have that make your opinions relevant on the subject. You can also mention how long you have been writing and your reasons for writing about the subject matter or topic.

You may write a fake author bio to hide your identity

Sometimes you simply do not want to put your name to a piece of work. Maybe the piece of work was not very good. Maybe the work was commissioned, and you do not believe the things you actually wrote. Maybe what you wrote about was taboo, inflammatory or off-color and you do not want people to react badly and start coming after you personally.

Maybe you wrote for a company or website that would harm your good name. Maybe you wrote a piece for a competitor. Maybe the information on the article is full of misinformation that will serve your purposes and you do not want to be traced.

You may write a fake author bio for every niche

Some writers will create a persona that is used for each niche they write about. For example, a writer may write for a college newspaper, a biomedical guest blog and a children’s sweets blog. Therefore, the author-bio persona for the college newspaper would be Professor Walker, the biomedical guest blog persona would be Dr Walker, and the children’s sweets blog may be Uncle Fatty Walker.

You may write a fake author bio and concentrate on keywords

Every article has its own keywords and sometimes it is easier to add those keywords into a fake author bio because you have full control over what the author bio says. For example, an estate-agency guest-blog post could be followed by an author bio that talk about how the author has had a career dealing with “houses for sale”, and how he/she sold lots of “homes” in “Texas”, “Florida” and “Colorado”.

You may create a funny author bio with a funny name

If your guest post was a light hearted one you can give your author bio a funny twist. It is a nice treat for the people who bothered to read your post and have gone as far as reading your author bio. You could start with a funny name such as “Sonya Trousers” or “Teresa Green” and then move into a funny bio that is related to the comedy within your article.

You may write a fake author bio to strengthen your prestige

This sort of author bio is actually written all the time. A writer will write about a certain subject, and then concoct an author bio that strengthens the prestige of the article. For example, an article on heart disease will sound more convincing coming from Dr. J Harvey, instead of coming from Mr. Jerry Harvey. Writers do this sort of thing all the time so that their work is taken more seriously by the reader.

Many articles are written by the same writers, and yet it is funny how so many author bios match their articles content, e.g. knitting advice from a materials factory manager, car advice from a senior manager at Mercedes, healthy living advice from a fitness instructor.

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