Gang Giz - The New Social Network From India- Will Facebook have to fear??

Gang Giz - Connect your World from where ever you are
After a long interval , i would like to inform you a news for the entire Tech  and social media enthusiastic , that a New Social Network from India, Developed and powered by Review at 8 CEO, Stanly, has been live from 2013,April 4th 8: 30 Am.

After the inauguration more than 100+ Members registered , Gang Giz is a New social network exclusively for those who love to share the world about the time to time happening in their life cycle.

Gang Giz the 4 Generation Social Network which helps people to connect with friends and colleague where ever they are.
Gang Giz Logo

We have all membership in International social network website just like Facebook, twitter, but every one in India refuse to join a network from their own Home country, In my opinion that is because they don’t have faith in them self.

I have started this Social Network with a Idea of A NETWORK FROM INDIA to write a history in the IT Sector of India.

My Network name is Gang Giz, i got this name when i understand how deep is the value of Friends or a Group of friends, So Groups are common in the entire Social Network.

So I give a new style/name for Groups, 

That is GANGS , Gangs in my website mean a Group of Young minds who wishes to exchange their ideas and fashion about the present world and future.

In My website Users must register before using the site, after which they may create a personal profile, add other users as friends, and exchange messages, including automatic notifications when they update their profile.


All in above , I believe the words of C.V. Pulley

“One Man can Change the world, that is you!!”

So for a Change- Lets Join Gang Giz.

We provide all features as like the King Facebook Does,
Chatting, Private message, Virtual Gifts, Groups and much more…

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