SK Telecom Announced world’s Fastest LTE Network

South Korean wireless telecommunication operator SK Telecom announced the launch of world’s fastest LTE (Long Term Evolution) network, twice faster than the present LTE network and 10 times faster than the 3G services. With this high speed network, users can complete the download of a single movie in less than a minute.
LTE- advanced is capable of providing a data transfer speed of about 150Mbps, which is twice the 4G LTE speed available in the U.S. The high speed network was announced in conjunction with the LTE-A enabled Samsung’s flagship device Galaxy S4 Advanced. SK Telecom said that the high speed network will be soon available in Seoul and 40 other cities.

                            SK Telecom’s President of Network Operations, Mr. Park In-Sik said that “By supporting twice faster speeds than LTE, LTE-A will not only enhance customers' satisfaction in network quality, but also give birth to new mobile value added services that can bring innovative changes to our customers' lives”.
The company is planning to setup a group of high audio and video clarity Video-Calling service which is capable of using 4 users at a time.

SK Telecom unveiled that they achieved this enormous speed through carrier aggregation, which is the process of bundling two frequencies to obtain a high bandwidth. They added that by 2015 this type of carrier aggregation can bring about a speed of about 500 Mbps.

The South Korean Smartphone giant Samsung will be soon producing the LTE-Advanced Smartphones soon after the service is released. The leaked preview of the LTE-A enabled Smartphone is widespread all over the internet.

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