How to check the Warranty and Serial Number of Nokia Handsets | Easy steps| Nokia

Comparing with other Mobile phone manufactures in the industry, Nokia have its supreme market lead. This is because they provide endless support and new possibilities with every hand set they develop. Recently Samsung acquired the Market with their Galaxy Series.

But now a days nokia got their market back with Lumia Series. But with all this hand sets in the market. Do you how many of them provide this Special Feature to check the Warranty and Set the Purchased date to ensure the Warranty of the phone.


How to check it

Nokia has provided this function easier to the user with out Opening the case and checking the Purchase receipt .

For Finding the Warranty, Year of Manufacture, Purchasing Date, Repaired, Life Timer and Serial No. of the set by simply typing

*#WARRANTY# in the keypad like this  *#92702689# and press Call button...
Now you think it is very hard to remember. Just look this
W =9
R=0 ( Here you need to remember that enter Zero for the second R)

Now the details are at your finger tips..... Hope this helped.
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