TATA Network is leading Malware Distributor-Says Google Transparency Report

The latest Update of the Google Transparency Report is out today showing that request from Governments around the world for user information have increased 106% since they launched the report.

And the interesting fact is that in India the famous VSNL Networks now TATA Communications is the leading distributor of malware websites. Among 4269 websites scanned by Google they found 304[7%] are hosting malware(Time Range 3 months). And the next company is CTRLS Datacentres with 7200 websites scanned 349 [5%] websites host malware.

Do you know what is a malware, as i mentioned the term in the above paragraph frequently..

Google Follows strict rules to eliminate Malware websites in their search by conducting Scans regularly. According to Google 
Google’s Safe Browsing technology examines billions of URLs per day looking for unsafe websites. Every day, we discover thousands of new unsafe sites, many of which are legitimate websites that have been compromised. When we detect unsafe sites, we show warnings on Google Search and in web browsers.
Malware sites contain code to install malicious software onto users’ computers. Hackers can use this software to capture and transmit users' private or sensitive information.
Phishing sites pretend to be legitimate while trying to trick users into typing in their username and password or sharing other private information. Common examples are web pages that impersonate legitimate bank websites or online stores.

Understanding malware

These unsafe sites fall into two categories, both of which threaten users’ privacy and security:

Malware sites install malicious software on users’ machines to steal private information, perform identity theft, or attack other computers. When people visit these sites, software that takes over their computer is downloaded without their knowledge.

Attack sites are used by hackers to intentionally host and distribute malicious software.
Compromised sites are legitimate sites that are hacked to include content from attack sites.

The Report Making

The report is created by Google with the help of AS (Autonomous System). Detailed Report is available on Google Transparency Portal (Select Region as u like)

What is an autonomous system?

An autonomous system is one or more networks controlled by a single entity, often a large company, a university, or an ISP. An AS often carries the name of the entity that manages it, which is why you may see some familiar names on the AS lists below. Autonomous systems are part of the network layer of the Internet’s architecture, and they play a role in determining how traffic is routed across the web.

So beware of Malware because malware are used by hackers around the globe to steal users information.. Stay Safe, Happy Browsing...
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