Top 5 Google Reader Alternatives

Here are five tools that you can use to replace Google Reader. Some of these tools are already very popular however, few are popular for the same reasons. For example, Flip board is very popular because of the way it looks and functions, whereas Pulse is very popular because it offers some very good feeds, stories and blogs for the user to actually read. Because each tool is so different, the list is not in the order of best to worst.

1 - Feedly

This is a very good news aggregator and RSS news reader. The tool has been updated and improved over the years to provide a better service. This stands it in good stead for the future, since there is little reason why they should stop improving their software in the future. You can also use Feedly as a social tool--as a way of sharing your stories and posts with other people on social media.

It also has a very good suggestion tool, which some people say is its best feature. The algorithm that comes up with the suggestions is very sophisticated, so that you are not just going to see a bunch of suggestions that are keyword related. The layout choices are also good for people who like to customize their tools.

2 - NewsBlur

This is based on a very well built piece of software. The coding for this program harks back to the days when code needed to be tight and efficient otherwise the computers wouldn’t run it. These days computers and mobile devices are so quick that a piece of software may be written terribly and still produce a usable piece of software. This tool however keeps things tight and is a good alternative to Google Reader. 

It has the added benefit of a few other functions and tools too, which helps it to win out over Google. It also a very well formatted tool, which helps when reading for long sessions. You may also use the text only function, where the app will strip away everything that is not plain text, which is ideal for the no-nonsense reader.

3 - Flipboard

This is actually an app that has already become more popular than Google Reader. It is very slick and sophisticated, and works to make the text look as if it is in a magazine. The added formatting and slick veneer makes the reading experience a little more interesting. You can curate your content so that you only see your most favourite topics. You can also use it to read your Facebook and Twitter text. The good thing about this app is that is loads quickly and the pages may be flipped very easily. 

Part of its charm is the fact that the pages look good when they flip, and the fact that the app loads so quickly. The most annoying thing about other magazine-style readers and websites is the fact that the pages take a second or two to flip. Worse still, some of its competitors have a slow page loading time, which can turn intolerable. Luckily, Flipboard is slick and fast loading.

4 - NetVibes

This is a good little social aggregator, and a very viable alternative to the Google reader. It also offers a dash boarding feature, and is a very nice little RSS news reader. It is a good for keeping track of your RSS feeds, it is good for looking at other reading suggestions (as suggested by the tool), and you may even import your own feed by either pasting a blog’s URL or via OPML.

The free version is all you need if you are interested in reading and the sign up and setup is very simple. You may add widgets if you are looking to purchase the premium version. There is not an app version of this tool, but you are able to view the tool via mobile Internet. The only downside is that you cannot edit things via the mobile Internet website.

5 - Pulse

This is an RSS reader that you can synchronize with your current RSS feed. Some people complain that they cannot add all of their feeds into it. However, the fans of the tool are very impressed with the RSS feeds and text that Pulse itself offers. You can keep up with the latest blogs and news stories. Another good thing is that they synchronizing process is all done via the tool itself, i.e. you do not need an external service to do it. There are also trend and popular story functions, and category filtering too.

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