1 Minute , 1 step - Your website in Google ? How

On my previous writings i have mentioned many ways to make your website/blog SEO friendly. But so many readers shared me a thought that " This is a fast moving world, So no one is willing to spend hours to get their website indexed in Google in minutes after they update  their web site"..... So i think of it and i realized the fact that what they said is correct. So today i have a Simple but efficient Tip for you to make your website get indexed in Google within a minute after you update your website.

Things you need to initiate this Tip

The first and most needed is a G mail or Google Account with almost all Google products activated means from Orkut,G+,Feedburner, Analytic,Adsense , Adwords etc. Why i said is that with more Google products activated in a single email gives your email more priority, And the chance of your website listed in Google increase .

So here is the steps:-
1. Go to www.google.com/addurl
2. Fill the form like Captcha and enter your Article Url which you need Google to Index

3. Check your URL in Google.com 
    Eg :  Go to Google.com and paste the url that you wishto submitted to google for             indexing  like this (http://www.reviewat8.in/2013/12/why-need-apple-ipod-than-samsung-galaxy.html)

   Hope this tip help your website to Rank in Google. Any Comments are welcome
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