The Electronic Cigarette around The World

Some people say that the electronic cigarette is exactly what they needed to quit the bad habit of smoking, while others say that it is only a method to cheat smoking a little, before coming back to the classic cigarette. Doctors say that it is only an extreme method to quit, if everything else fails.

Legal matters and the culture of the e-cigarette

In Great Britain, the tendency of “healthy smoking” is pronounced today, as there are 1.3 million British people using it. This transformed UK in the second country in the world in terms of e-cigarette smokers. 100 000 people die every year because of smoking here, so there is no wonder that people are currently looking for some alternatives.

This efficiency is questioned by the MHRA (the regulatory authority in UK on health matters), which wants to introduce some laws to put the electronic cigarettes in the category of medicines, so it will be the subject of the same regulations as pills. This way, pharmacies could prescribe those just as they do in the case of nicotine gums. Sure, efficiency seems to be the most important argument of MHRA in its rush for regulating the treatment against traditional smoking.

Even so, the e cigstarter kit is now the base of sub-cultures. Under the name of “vapers”, this culture reunites the lovers of e-cigars and cigarettes. Their main characteristic is “tuning” the cylinder where the flavored vapors are inhaled. It is possible to design an e-cigarette in so many ways, and there are even stores that offer tuning services for the e-cigarette.

France is the country with the biggest problems in terms of pregnant women smoking, and more than 500 000 people use the e-cigarette every day. Even if it has a huge success amongst users, the Health Minister announced that he would forbid using those in public for people aged fewer than 18.

The biggest fear of French authorities is connected with the possibility of a market for electronic drugs to be created. Some e-cigarette vendors offer cannabis flavors for their cigarettes, which might be misleading for children. Those can consider it as an invitation to buy drugs. In USA, the states of Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana completely, while in other states, it is only legal for medical matters. Anyway, the “e-joint” gains popularity every day.

Future regulations in other countries?

In some countries, the e-cigarettes are promoted exclusively online. This happens because TV commercials are forbidden. It is considered that e-cigarettes are misleading, and that they encourage smoking of any kind. Even if it is not based on tobacco, the electronic cigarette encourages vices, or at least some “specialists” claim that it does.

In fact, e-cigarettes can be sold in pharmacies as an anti-smoking treatment, if they contain more than 2 mg of nicotine. However, before introducing it as a medical treatment, it is required for every country looking for regulations to study the cigarettes completely.

The fewer studies made since now prove that the e-cigarette is not harmful, so it can be easily adopted. If the person that wants to buy the product passed through all the stages of smoking, it means that he or she is fully aware about all the risks involved in smoking the e-cigarette.

Competing with giants

The e-cigarette comes in direct competition with two of the largest industries in the world: the one of tobacco, and the one of medicines. The competition is so high that the e-cigarette producers asked for their products to be authorized as medical treatments. An interesting fact is that BAT (British American Tobacco) bought the Intellicig brand, which produces e-cigarettes and liquids. Even the producers of Marlboro stated that they want to create their own e-cigarette. This means that classical producers adapt to the new tendencies, so the legal matters about those smoking devices might be solved soon. 
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