30+News Feeds One Destination -NewsHunt App Review

As an human being, we always like to stay upto date with recent things happening around the globe.  As of today we have no time to spend on infront of TV to watch the news or spend time on Radio to hear that. As we all like to be handy on all manner, so the role of mobile phones in our day to day life is unavoidable. So a startup company from india has come across a solution for all our starving update of news and happenings took place in our surrounding by introducing a App " An App that can feed you almost all newspapers,channels and much more" That is Newshunt.
News Hunt a new way to staying updated with recent affairs. NewsHunt provide almost all regional, National and international news feeds right to your fingertips. 
NewsHunt has won many awards from GSMA Best Mobile Publishing Product 2013, Top Apps Awards 2012 - Entertainment, Google Development App Expo 2013 Winner

And if you have ever tried reading newspapers while commuting, especially in local trains, then you know exactly how cumbersome it can get. What can come to your rescue is an app like NewsHunt, which includes over thirty popular news dailies. The app has been around for a while and is actually quite popular. 

You can select from several languages
The app sports a very simple interface and on the homepage you can find the list of all the newspapers and news sites supported by the app. This app support all our regional languages like Hindi, Malayalam, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Marathi Kannada and mauch more.
You can Download the app from

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