TrackR bravo raised over $1,000,000 - The Awesome Product of the week

TrackR bravo : The Thinnest Tracking Device. Ever

Isn't it such a bummer when you lose your keys or wallet? Every time I lose something, I spend 20 minutes looking for my keys only to find them hiding in the most obvious place, possible - usually in yesterday's jeans or under the couch cushion. There are many situations like this we have encountered. So this weeks Awesome Product is "TrackR bravo".

What is TrackR bravo ?

TrackR bravo is the slimmest and most elegant item tracking device ever created backed by the world's largest Crowd GPS network.

TrackR bravo installed on the bag.

Quickly Locate Lost Items

TrackR uses world's biggest crowd GPS networks, and more over you can track anything on the go using TrackR app.

With the TrackR app for iPhone and Android, you can quickly locate items around the home using the distance indicator radar or tap the "Ring Device" button to cause your lost item to ring.

TrackR in Realtime

You can buy the TrackR device from here. And you can download the TrackR app from the play store and app store. 
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