"W.C.S.T.C.G.N.IT'S.J" this means a daily routine to youngsters, Do you agree ?

As we all know today, the world is moving so fast, and we to must needs to move in such a fast to achieve a great success in our life. And if we look into our surrounding we could see that many new startups are born every day with new ideas and technology. And we have seen a great number of young entrepreneurs at the age of 18 or less had changed the world.
Active Youth

But still we have not reached anywhere, just look inside your daily routine. Almost 30-60% of young minds are still moving in this routine. If not just post in the comment box below.

The Daily Routine of Youngsters 

1. Wake up in the morning nearly 9-10 AM.

2. Check up for a new likes or shares for the photos posted yesterday in your social media websites.

3.Spend nearly 1-2 hrs interacting with social media.

4.Take morning bath etc.

5.Call up some friends and colleagues and arrange some bike rides or travel etc.
   (take new picture for posting in social medias)

6.Get back to home nearly 6-7 PM.

7.Now get some foods.

8.It's Calling time, just make some calls to your friends or girlfriend.

(the calls may last up to 12-2 AM Night)

9. Just went to bed and same procedures from next day (step 1 -9)

So there are advantages as well as disadvantages for following this routine. The major advantage are. 

  1. Get Maximum Enjoyment
  2. Get new friends and enjoy new culture when traveling
  3. Youngsters following this routine will have a great number of friends everywhere.
  4. Can do anything that come their way, because they have unity (friendships bonds are strong)

We will publish  it, Before that. Let us know what all will be the disadvantages, Just post those in the comment box below.
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