Facebook And Holiday Safety

Thanks to Facebook and other social networking sites it is so easy to keep in contact with people all over the world, even when you are on holiday. Most people will post photos and updates that allow friends and family to see what they have been getting up on their travels. But Facebook can be used for keeping yourself safe while you are abroad.
There are various organisations that are now using Facebook such as the Commonwealth and Foreign Offices, DirectGov and NHS Direct. Updates on the Facebook pages of these organisations can alter holidaymakers the changing political situations in various countries, warn people of outbreaks of food poisoning and offer help and advice on many issues that could affect you while on holiday. So which are the Facebook pages that you need to be liking and checking to make your holiday a safe and happy one? -->
 To get all of the latest alerts about health, political issues that can lead to unrest, national and local issues relating to a particular country the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) is ideal. Should you be away on holiday when a situation occurs details of airlifts for residents and holidaymakers from Britain will be posted on the FCO page.If you need to film and checking out while you are holiday go to the NHS Direct Facebook page where you will be redirected to the appropriate website. You can also get help on holiday health on the page which includes information on vaccinations and how to avoid falling ill on holiday. Some people have a specific illness that they need to manage such as cancer and the Macmillan Cancer Support page is useful in these cases. You will be able to find relevant information regarding managing illness while in a foreign country. There is also up to date advice on the travel vaccinations you may need and how they can affect you. For information from the UK government the DirectGov page is handy. Here you can find out more about your health while on holiday as well as benefit information, help on controlling a condition abroad and more. It’s a good idea to have a look around on Facebook for anything that you might feel could help you while you are away. Make sure that you ‘like’ the pages that have the information that you need so you can quickly access them and get updates as they are posted.
Suffering an accident abroad can be serious to your health but also to your purse. If your holiday insurance isn't sufficient you could be looking at a hefty bill.
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