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If you regularly use Twitter you will know how easy it is to Tweet from wherever you are and as Tweets are short they take just a few moments to write and update. Most people will use Twitter for fun, but it could be used to save your life while on holiday. Take a look at how Twitter can help to make your holiday one where you stay safe and healthy.

      Twitter holiday health – if you want advice on vaccinations or anything else relating to your holiday healthy you can get this on Twitter. Many of the health trusts in the UK are now using this social media and can provide you with useful advice. If you are planning a holiday that is crammed with activities try @NHSChoicesTalk (NHS Choices) which will give you tips on keeping healthy while abroad. The Net Doctor (@NetDoctor) is handy for checking any symptoms of illness that you might have while abroad including a Symptom Checker for Male Sexual Health – so if you are worried about any symptoms that you are experiencing on holiday you can send a Tweet and get up to the minute advice that you can rely on. You can also find out more about any medications or repellents that you should take with you when going to certain countries that you are prepared in advance.
Twitter holiday destinations – if you want to know more about what is happening in a particular destination you can find it in an instant by following a feed on Twitter about where you are going. Not only can you find the best places to go you will also be alerted to any issues that are occurring in the destination at any one time – for example outbreaks of Salmonella or disruptions that have involved the police. @VisitChicago is a good example of a holiday destination feedback is well worth looking into.

Twitter Foreign Office – this is the feed that you need to have to avoid being burnt like a crisp in the sun or going to an area that is experiencing political disruptions. You can check the feed for information by going to @foreignoffice where you will see up to date information about health alerts for various countries and anything else that you should be aware of. You can also use this feed to check out a country before you book a holiday so you can avoid any dangerous situations.
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Contracting food poisoning overseas is more and more common with the increase of all-inclusive holidays and the open buffet, where bacteria and germs are spread easily across the food.
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