Understanding Your Cell Phone's Contract – Know What's Included

Although a cell phone contract has a number of benefits, it is always a good idea to know everything that has been included in the contract when you buy a new mobile phone, or even when you switch your service provider.

To begin with, your cell phone contract binds you, or the applicant, to pay monthly bills for a specified time period. Bills are generated on a monthly basis, and a contract is ideally in place for about 18 to 24 months. The advantages of getting in a contract with your service provider are many. You not only benefit from the affordable tariff plans, but also get a new handset.

However, before you decide to sign a contract, determine the package which suits you best. Most users go for an unlimited voice call and text packages, while some even opt for unlimited data packages. Going through the contract before signing it is imperative, although many subscribers tend to bypass reading the fine print in the excitement of getting a new phone. To give a brief idea of all that is included in a typical cell phone contract, we highlight some very important sections that your contract covers. Nevertheless, you must also know that the terms of the contract vary for different providers, and are also affected by laws of the state.

Phone Purchase

While almost all service providers offer handsets when you subscribe with them, you also have the option of using your existing handset and switching from your present provider. However, this may not always be possible. For example, a particular service provider emphasizes on using handsets provided by them, because there are only a few other phones which are compatible with their telecom network. Thus if you decide on using your own handset, ensure that you check the compatibility of your phone before switching to a new provider.

Advance Deposit

Almost all network carriers demand an advanced deposit from their subscribers before the service is activated. However, the policies vary greatly. While some providers will allow you to pay off your monthly bills using this deposit, there are some who do not offer this option. Additionally, there are some providers who offer simple interest on this amount.

Heavy Usage

Contracts ideally include a condition which enables your service provider to take action against consumers having very high usage. This is done to avoid network issues. Your provider may either change your base plan, or even suspend your account in case network abuse is detected.

Service agreement violation

Cell phone providers reserve the right to cancel the services of a particular subscriber if he or she is deemed to violate their terms and condition. This is always mentioned in the contract, and demands special attention.

Contract Termination

In case a subscriber wishes to switch over to another provider, he may do so after the payment of termination fees. Again, these vary from network to network, and you must go through your contract to know about the termination fees charged by your network provider.

Reading through the fine print can be a tough task, but is very important. Not only does thies give you an idea of what you are getting yourself into, but it also reduces the possibilities of unpleasant surprises in due course.

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