Do you think you can unlock iPhone 4s yourself? Off course you can but there are few things which need your attention before you go any further. The first thing to ponder upon is that why exactly do you wish to unlock your iPhone? First this will define the requirements second; it will be then easy for you to pick the method to unlock afterwards. 

There are still many people around who do not know much about this whole thing going on and that Apple has some limitations imposed on the iPhones. Well, at first no one realizes it would be so inevitable to unlock iPhone 4s because all it does was overstated phone bills. 

When you have a phone on which you are using a Wi-Fi internet it sure cut down the bills but an iPhone which is locked does the opposite. Do want to know why it happens? Well, the international roaming fees have to be paid with every call which the users are bound to pay when they are traveling outside US. And those who are living in some other country would have to face it on regular basis. So, to prevent you from high tariffs of the default service provider unlocking remains the first and last choice.

Certain changes can be done in your iPhone to make it use with the other service providers. Before you go for unlocking the preparation is also quite important. First things first you will lose the warranty of the phone immediately. Sobeforehand think about it, you can also search for the solutions which provide methods to factory unlock iPhone 4s. 

Although majority of the softwares are quite safe but to prevent yourself from damages but why tryst anyone? Hence to make sure the data is protected you must make the backup of the data in your phone. You can do the backup thing on iTunes.

Once your phone is ready to be unlocked you can install “Cydia”from internet. Before you does it go to home screen of your phone, in this manner you will able to do it effectively. Once the Cydia software is installed then you can start the process by clicking Cydia. Then you add the Ultra snow on your iPhone. You can confirm the command by clicking the download and install option. 

Follow the procedure as it is prompted. Then you will have to reboot the iPhone. Once you are done with that check if you can make calls from your phone. An unlocked phone will be able to make calls through other service provider SIM card inserted in.

There are number of benefits to get your iPhone unblocked. The biggest one is that you can then use any SIM card on the phone and you no longer have to be slave of the default service provider. Whether you are in US or outside both ways you are free to use the mobile network of your choice. The second advantage would be that you don’t have to pay expenses of international roaming. Sounds amusing! Then what are you waiting for? Go for it today. 
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