Would Rumored Galaxy S4 Be A Tough Competition For iPhone 5? Comparison Of Both Smartphones!

Before apple launched iPhone 5, the stuff carrying comparison of iPhone with Samsung Galaxy started appearing over World Wide Web. It’s time to read something new, something not about the same comparison, but about the rumored Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5. Samsung is going to launch its new Galaxy S4, which could be a tough competition for iPhone. Some interesting things about iPhone and its comparison with Rumored Samsung Galaxy S4 is given in the lines below.
The Release Date:
Apple’s iPhone 5: iPhone was released on September 21, 2012. The sales volume increased tremendously and till December, Apple faced short of supply due to increasing demand of the device.
Samsung Galaxy S4: It’s expected that the new device would be launched in February 2013, in Mobile World Congress, to be held in Barcelona. Some other reports also reveal that Galaxy S4 would be announced in April 2013 and released in almost June, the same months as that of Galaxy S3, launched in 2012. Whatever the final month of release is, it would be the first half of 2013. 

The Design Aspects:
Apple’s iPhone 5: Apple has changed the design of iPhone in iPhone 5 in terms of larger display, aluminum back and the phone is lightweight as well as easy to hold.
Samsung Galaxy S4: Although, there are no clear details available about the design of Samsung Galaxy S4, but it has been predicted that the device would be thicker compared to its previous version, S3 and to iPhone 5. There is little confusion about this claim, as Smartphones are tending to be smarter and lightweight, so how could it be possible that Galaxy S4 would be thicker.
The Display:
Apple’s iPhone 5: Apple introduced bigger 4-inch Retina Display in iPhone 5. With resolution of 1136 x 640, iPhone 5 makes the images and text crisp.
Samsung’s Galaxy S4: The display of Galaxy S4 would be 5-inch with 1080p resolution and AMOLED screen. It means Galaxy S4 would become a challenge for iPhone in terms of display. 

The Camera:
Apple’s iPhone 5: The Smartphone cameras of Apple are considered as the best for video shooting and image capturing. The front-facing camera of iPhone 5 is of high definition that makes video chatting an excellent venture.
Samsung’s Galaxy S4: There are rumors that Galaxy S4 will have 13MP camera, but it’s a fact that Samsung will have to bring improvement in the software as well as hardware to appeal to the customers.

The Software:
Apple’s iPhone 5: iPhone 5 has iOS 6 that carries additional features of personal assistant Siri, Do Not Disturb, Facebook integration, Maps app, Panorama camera mode, and Passbook app. However, to download more apps from some third party, users have to run unlock iPhone 4s software.
Samsung’s Galaxy S4: Samsung doesn’t have its own OS, but of Google’s Android. Rumors are there that Galaxy S4 would have Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie that is yet to be introduced. The launch date of the new Android version is expected to be in May 2013. It has also been predicted that there would be Android Jelly Bean in Galaxy S4.  

The Carriers:
Apple’s iPhone 5: The phone has 4G LTE networks of Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T. The T-Mobile is also going be in iPhone carriers’ list in 2013. It means Apple has the support of all the top carrier networks in US for its Smartphone.
Samsung’s Galaxy S4: Samsung hasn’t decided yet which carriers to contract with for its new Smartphone launch. Although, Galaxy S3 was launched on all the major carriers of US, but would it be happen with Galaxy S4 as well? Samsung should decide it, as the launch time is coming near. 

The Cost:
Apple’s iPhone 5: With high price of iPhone, Apple has always maintained a status quo. iPhone 5 with 16GB storage was initially available at $199.99 on a contract of two years by the carriers, and the price went up for more storage, $399.99 for 64GB.
Samsung’s Galaxy S4: For Galaxy S3, the pricing structure was same as that of iPhone, and the same is expected to happen with Galaxy S4.
The comparison of iPhone 5 with the rumored Galaxy S4 seems to be interesting. The question is whether Samsung would make a remarkable place in the Smartphone market with its new launch or not? As the launch date will come near, there would be more realistic speculations about Samsung’s innovation. Stay connected to know more!

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