Best Android Apps For Busy Parents

Anyone who has a smartphone will know that it has a great deal of potential when it comes to reorganizing a busy life.  All you need to do is add a few apps and you can get daily life organised and clear so that you can maximize your free time.

Lets check out this apps, but some are premium , never look Cash, just buy for our children to keep them safe

To Do Lists

The Out of Milk Shopping List app can be a lifesaver when you are planning your menus.  Here you can store a number of ‘to do’ lists and keep a track of what you need to pick up at the supermarket.  There is a free version which is considered to be just as good as any of the similar apps that you need to pay for.  You can scan bar codes into it to make shopping easier.  It will remember the items that you purchased on your last trip to the supermarket and can be used as a prompt so that you do not forget any items that you need to buy regularly.


The Cozi Family Organiser is ideal for organizing other parts of family life.  There is a family calendar on it so that all activities and appointments can be added and the family knows where each person is supposed to be at any one time.  Reminders for appointments can be set and the same account is assigned to all the family members who have the app so it can be added to by all those who are logged on.


New parents may find that they are worried about their baby’s routine and an app such as Baby ESP will help a great deal.  You can keep track of feeding, sleeping and toilet patterns and the information that it produces can be reviewed easily.  If you need to take the baby to the doctor for any reason then it is all there at the touch of a button.  The free version is a trial app but it is considered to be a good investment to add the full version to the phone.

Child Monitoring

Life360 is an app that allows busy parents to monitor the whereabouts of their children.  The app will need GPS in order to work or another network connection and it does not mean that the child has to be in possession of a smartphone as there is a GPS tracking device that can be used instead.  If you are in any trouble you can set off a panic alarm on the app that will alert family and friends and it can help by showing you where the nearest police stations and hospitals are.  The app gives real-time updates and will offer peace of mind to parents.       
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You should not forget that there is a whole range of organizer apps out there.  If you feel that you need to keep track of daily tasks and other chores then there are plenty that you do not need to pay for and you can create various lists and alerts so that you can stay on top of everything that you need to do without worrying about it. 

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