Teaching Kids To Be A Good Entrepreneur - Hone Your Child To Make It Big

From schools, I observe that children are being taught to become a great employee. They are being taught how to climb the corporate ladder. Very few units or lectures are dedicated for having your own business.,
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I’m not saying that it’s bad to become an employee for life. But can’t you imagine yourself being your own boss? Can’t you imagine yourself being able to help other people because of your business? Being an entrepreneur has a lot of benefits. And I would recommend that you teach your kids to become one. Again, this is not really a focus of conventional schools. Start at a very young age. So when the time comes that they are ready for their own business, they won’t be able to just start it, they will be equipped to maintain or sustain the trade’s operations.

   What are the things you can teach your kids?

Make them write their goals. This doesn’t have to be their business plans. General goals, short term or long term goals are fine. The objective of making them write their dreams is to impart to your kids of setting a target. It makes one motivated to work their hardest. Let’s say your kid wrote down 3 goals or dreams.
1)      To get an A in Math
2)      To be in the Basketball Team
3)      To have my own Xbox
These dreams and goals are quite shallow for adults. But it means a lot to kids. As parents, what you can do is to discuss to your kids how he can get these dreams. Example, you can tell him to study harder. Or you can accompany him for an afternoon basketball session. Perhaps, you can buy him his piggy bank so he can save for his Xbox. Let him think of ways on how he can achieve his goals.

Train a good leader. It is important that you teach your kids how to follow rules. But it would be better if you teach them how to make rules on their own. If you’re going to throw a party for him, you might want to ask his likes, his opinions. Make him choose the color, the theme and all the knick- knacks. Make him participate in the actual preparation.

Build their confidence.  The best way to build your kid’s confidence is by making him join various clubs and lessons. If there are after school programs which you can enrol your kids, don’t miss that chance. Usually, these programs have recitals where the participants will present in a huge crowd. That’s what they need to boost their confidence.

Hone their selling skills. In all business, selling skills is very important. If you can come up with a garage sale, allow your kids to be the seller. See how they handle negotiations and if you notice some flaws, discuss it after wards.

Teach them financial literacy.  A lot of kids don’t see the value of money. You can blame the parents for it. They give expensive things in exchange for nothing. Of course I know that you just love your children. But giving them presents for their accomplishments will send a signal that they need to work hard if they want something.
These are just few of the things which you can teach your kids. I’m sure you can think of other ways. Care to share those with us? 

Barbara Watson is a believer that we should teach our kids how to become an entrepreneur. She is very creative when it comes to imparting entrepreneurship skills to her children. During her free time, she contributes for a company that makes Kiosks for different businesses, and also she is a guest blogger of reviewat8.in 
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