How to Write Comment-Worthy Posts

Within this article you will find out why it is good to have comments on your blog, and then ways to get more comments. Unless you are paying people to write your comments, then you are going to have to work out a way of encouraging people to comment of their own free will. This article will show you how to do just that.

Why have comments at all?

Google encourages comment sections because it allows people to participate in the online community. Google and many other search engines also like a web page that is frequently updated. Comments being added to a web page are counted as updates, and it is logical to assume that Google does not apply duplication, spelling, and grammar rules to comment sections.

Comment sections create opportunity. They allow perfect strangers to interact with the person who wrote the blog post. It allows people to engage with the author and other readers - even people who post comments that disagree with the post are still adding to, and interacting with, the blog post.

Comment sections will allow you to raise your profile. A lot of people commenting will make it appear as if your blog has a lot of visitors. You can raise your profile even further if you interact with your commenters yourself.

You can learn something new with comment sections

It won’t happen very often, but every now and then you will learn something from your blog’s comment section. Somebody may enter a snippet of information that leads you down a new research avenue, or someone may post a link that goes to a website that teaches you something. You may also get new ideas for your next blog post by reading the comments that people leave behind.

Write about something that you think people will disagree with

This is a very clever trick, but it is a risky maneuver. It is risky because you can end up making yourself look like a complete idiot. On the other hand, there will be rivers of people who just cannot wait to tell you that you are wrong. Try something that is innocent and non-controversial so that you do not upset your readers. If your blog post is a demonstration of your ignorance, then it will put people off of you, but if you demonstrate that you are having trouble with some sort of logic loop, then people will clamber to “help” you.

Two logic loops to try

The phrase, “The only thing that is certain, is that nothing is certain” could be used as your topic. You can explain how the phrase is calling itself a liar, but how can you be “certain” that it is not telling the truth. You could try examining the old phrase about putting a thousand monkeys in a room in order to create Shakespeare. You could discuss whether the monkeys are able to see each other’s work, or if they leave their notes for the other monkeys after they die.

Try writing a controversial post

Be careful, as you may split your readership in half if you write about a topic that upsets people. On the other hand, do not use this as an excuse to sit on the fence. Feel free to take a side and stick to it because it will make for a better blog post.

Try writing about a debate topic

The topics that people debate in school, college and in the government can be covered with your blog. You will often find that people have an opinion on such matters.

Turn your post into an argumentative paper

It does not have to be structured like an argumentative essay paper, but you can give arguments for one side of a debate, and then counter arguments within the same blog post.

Ask a question at the end of the post

This is a crude way of getting more comments, but if you have tried other methods and nothing seems to be working, and then it is worth a shot.

Give people a list of something

The top ten or top hundred of “something” will often have people jumping in to correct you. They will tell you that parts of your list are great, or that you have missed someone/something, or that your top spot is a joke.

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