With High-End Converter Installed, It Is Not Difficult to Extract Images from PDF on Mac

Microsoft has released its 15th version of MS office on 29th January, 2013. Apart from the most common inclusion like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook in their advanced format, the new version also supports reading and editing the files in PDF format.

Is it necessary to have Office 2013 for editing PDF files?
Before opening a PDF file, Office 2013 converts it into Word format. Usually, conversion is done for the complex and large sized PDF files. Keep in mind that Word 2013 is no Adobe Reader. The feature of reading is sort of add-on for Word but it is never a prime purpose for Word design. Aiming at mainly compatibility, it never delivers high quality. As a result, in case of complicated layouts, the program scores low on compatibility front. However, the program works best if you insert texts and images from PDF files instead of workflow program in PDF format. 

Office 2013 is not providing support for Mac operating system and won’t do so in another 1 or 2 years. So you won’t be able to edit PDF files on Mac without the help of Word 2013. However, there is many a powerful alternative to Office 2013 to allow the users to edit PDF files on Mac OS.  

PDF file contains not only texts but images also. How will a user extract images from a PDF file and use them on another document? It is difficult, you might be thinking so. But actually the process is really simple if you have the right kind of program installed. Before you proceed to extraction of images from a PDF file, it is better to create a separate folder that will contain the extracted images. 

Listed below are the guidelines to extract images from PDF to Mac. Make sure that you have already installed a high-end converter tool for the process. The advantage of using an advanced converter tool is that the process will be hassle-free and completed within a few minutes. :

Step #1
After starting the program, load the PDF files from which you will extract the images.

Step #2
Download a PDF converter to Mac OS. Install the converter and launch it. 

Step #3
Load the target PDF files or documents.

Step #4
It is fairly easy to import the PDF files. Simply click on the button that reads Add PDF Files. Another alternative (probably the easiest way) to import the files is to drag them rightly into program. 
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