Five Proven steps for SEO or 5 must-have tools for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become the buzz word since 1998 when Larry Page and Sergey Brin established Google. The simple design of the first sophisticated search engine attracted many Internet users, which grew into millions of Internet users. Bing and Yahoo followed Google, and soon SEO became all the rage. Software developers worked day in and day out to find the best way to give the best SEO experience to their growing users and making efforts to put less traffic and its load on their page.

Use of SEO tools

SEO engineers, as they are sophisticatedly known as, developed ways to find the optimum tools for this task. SEO tools have information that could help these search engine companies, especially startup ventures, to optimize the experience to its customers. These tools help search engines to analyze the data collected through any URL or domain from where they data are transmitting.

This means when a user clicks a link using an SEO, the external links would automatically collect all the information taken from similar links where that data is published. Thus, it shows a list of pages that would link your data.

Therefore, in summarization, the uses of SEO tool could be listed as follows:

· A SEO tool helps to index pages, which is very useful

· Also serve as a tool of comparing the data to be accurate

· A SEO tool will also rank the URLs as well as the Host website’s URL

· Shows the duplicated content along with their URLs

· Helps in researching keywords, thus autocorrecting options become more easier

· It also increases your website’s visibility in any search engine, helping your website to appear on the first page, or relatively more on the Search engine

Top 5 tools

Most SEO tools are free to use, but their developers are mostly hackers or aspirant software developers. However, if you really want good and effective results, then you should definitely spend some and go for the following must have SEO tools:

1. SEO Quake

As the name sounds, this tool is so powerful that it can shake the entire SEO ranking system. One thing that this tool makes sure is that your website is visible all the time on all search engines. It comes as a plug in for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. When an internet user is browsing, the plug-in flourishes as a useful resource.

It shows a graphical representation of the websites seen on your browser as well as linking them with follow and non follow links. It also covers the search results of Google. The researching power of this tool is extremely strong making it the must have tool of SEO.


The name might sound as if you are tuning into a radio channel, however, this is a particularly must have if you are a social media expert. Since all the businesses, new or old, are looking at social and digital media to promote themselves, this SEO tool specifically targets the social media search engines.

If you use a normal SEO tool and your business is visible on a social media website, you usually need to sign in individually with your account and get individual results. However, with, you can get unified results. This tool will log in to the system of any social media website, for e.g. Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter etc and give you your update. It is a very save timing tool.

3. KeywordSpy

When we are talking about SEO, then keywords are literally the key to success. SEO experts say that the best way to find keywords that would provide success to your company is seeing what your competitors are doing. KeywordSpy would help you to do just that. It is a “spying” tool which shows that they have been optimizing on, including their pay per click promotions.

4. SEOMoz

It is the most popular SEO tool available in the market and it is certainly not free. However, one thing that can be promised is that the results of this tool are worth every penny spent on buying this tool. SEOMoz does everything that the above mentioned SEO tools do but only better.

5. URLtrends

The last must have tool is URLtrends and as the name suggest they give you a full URL trend analysis consolidating the ranks, popularity, keywords used etc.

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