Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Review, Features and much more

 The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is another tablet that has been produced by Samsung. This company is currently the biggest iPad competitor on the market. Their build quality is getting better and better, and the price of their products is still far lower than that of the iPad. Here are a few Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 features.

It is the perfect size for people on the move

One of the many highly researched aspects of the device is its size. Apparently the company has put a lot of time and effort into figuring out the perfect size for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. The aim of their research was to figure out the correct size so that the device may be held in one hand for long periods of time without any discomfort.

The total size of the device is 210.8mm long (8.29 inches) and 135.9mm wide (5.35 inches). The size of the device is perfect for being held by a teenage/adult hand, and is also (coincidentally) small enough to be carried around with great ease.

The S Pen is more reactive than ever before

The S Pen does more than any pen has done before. It is still just a pointer (in essence) but you can do a lot more with it. You may tap the keys on the device for more extensive navigation. Where you would normally only tap the screen with the S Pen, you may now also tap the buttons on the device itself.

You can use the S Pen to help you use Air View. This is where you can have a quick look inside a file by just hovering over the file. There is a Quick Command that you can use to find things a little quicker.

You may multitask in a brand new way

They have a feature that allows you to multitask with a number of windows open at the same time. You can make simultaneous online calls if you wish, with the people you are calling listed on one of the windows. As you are talking you may also have a window open to jot down some notes, and another open to look up directions. If you have space on the screen you could also open your organizer app whilst talking, or check your emails.

The multi-window function means that you can do a number of tasks at once, and that you may do them all on the same screen. You can resize the window so that you may see a few of them at one time, and you can do it all without needing to switch apps. You just start the apps and leave them running.

The multitask windows that you use can be altered and resized from small to full screen, and you can reposition the windows at any time. You can also close any window very quickly by using the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 smart buttons. These buttons are so smart that they will adapt to the position of the S pen, to make closing your windows a lot easier.

There is a reading mode that you control with the S Pen

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 has a reading mode. The text you read is presented in a way that makes it look as if you are reading from paper. The screen offers a less harsh tone and contrast, just like with books, whilst providing enough illumination to make reading easier. The way the device is lit up makes it ideal for any sort of light conditions.

One of the extra benefits of the reading mode is that it allows you to control the book and annotate the book with your S pen. You can flip and alter the pages with your S Pen, and make notes on the pages or in the margins. Unlike a real book, you are able to quickly and easily delete the notes.

You may use an S Planner to organize your life

With the S Pen you may use your planner directly. You may open up the planner and write notes on it as if you were writing on paper. The S Pen feels natural, so it is quite easy to write things in your planner as if you were using a real pen. There are also extra little functions that allow you to do things such as decorate your notes.

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