Increase The Page Rank With Google News: How?

Do you know,How to increase the Pagerank of your website faster and get indexed by google more easier. (The Techniques quoted here are from my on personal experience in the field of SEM and SEO)

I was thinking for a few months on how to get indexed fast by google and get a Good page rank in few weeks. After all calculation and doing experiments with many free SEO tools, i found a cool trick to get indexed by google bots and higher the Pagerank.  Yes ! Google News can give you all these, if you follow these steps.

How Stuff Works

First Search in Google like this and note the number of Indexed files

Simple Just go to Google News Website and send a request to Google News Team for including your website to google news network. After sending the request you will get a confirmation email in your email, just follow the instructions in the email and Just Click on Reply, and click SEND.

After sending the request it will take up to 48 -72hrs or may be a week for getting the Approval status  email from Google News. In the mean time Update your website/blog with many more articles and stuffs as possible to you, Remember: The more post you update, the more chance of getting indexed by google and higher Page Ranks.

Why i said because?

In the period of Approval, your website is specially crawled by Google bots( Google bots will frequently visit your website to collect data and new updates) to check your website content are good enough to participate in Google News Network.

After continuous updating website, you will get an positive/negative email showing the status of your Application to Google News.

So check your website again like this in Google Search and Note the number of indexed page, so you can see a significant increase in the indexed page.
Are you happy know!!!

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