Hand Tree – Wearable air purifier Gadget

In this era of wearable gadgets like Smart watch and wearable insulin gadgets Alexander Kostin has brought an innovative idea to purify the surrounding air, which is constantly polluted due to various factors. Everybody is aware of the problems and side-effects caused due to breathing of polluted air. In the Elecrolux Design Lab Mr. Kostin has suggested a concept to purify the air surrounding a user with the help of his wearable air purifier, Hand Tree.

The Hand tree bangle can be worn on our hand as shown in the picture. The Hand tree works on the principle of plants (Photosynthesis), i.e.; it absorbs the dirty air and gives us back purified air. But here the bangle is producing a fragrance filled purified air. The user can choose the smell from a set of fragrances according to their choice.

The bangle consists of 2 main parts, Carbon filter and Ionizer. The carbon filter effectively cleans the surrounding air consisting of tobacco smoke, unpleasant smell, harmful gases and other chemical compounds. The ionizer protects the user from dust and freshen the air with a sweet smelling fragrance.

The bangle has mainly 2 types of work Global and local. With Local it hard creates zone of clear air around the user which helps to look after health. With Global it cleans air and safe power contributing to the purification of the planet’s atmosphere.

Also there are two modes of operation, Automatic and manual. The automatic mode changes the work type according to the condition of surrounding environment. Whereas, with the manual mode the user can choose the type of work, local or Global accordingly.

The bangle is made of strong eco-plastic “Biograde”, which is capable of withstanding higher stresses. The inner lining of the bangle is made of imitation leather, Brode, which is eco-friendly and has good abrasion resistance too. The Hand tree kit comes with Hand tree gadget and a wireless battery charger.

The carbon filter and battery are placed under the panel of battery, the level of battery and other the type of operation can be adjusted using the menu bar shown on the touch screen. 3 types of menu steps are provided, selecting and activating the Global or local type and the installation of the specific settings of the bangle.

The wonderful concept is still under the design stage and is expected to announce it soon. Any way it is gonna help those people who are living in cities or other highly polluted environments. It is said that by the combination of a number of Hand tree air purifiers we can obtain a feel of standing in the middle of a forest.

These accessories can only purify the air surrounding the user; our environment is being polluted more and more every day. These devices can help you only in some way and don't ever think that these are replacements for the living plants and trees.


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