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Spy technology is little more than software that helps you to snoop on your employees. It is going to be impossible for you to legally install spy ware onto your apps so that you can spy on your customers. But, if you provide company Smartphone or tablet devices, then you may put spy ware into the devices quite legally. Although, you may wish to bury a clause into your employee contracts that says they give you permission to spy on them.

See which staff are wasting time

This is probably going to be the biggest selling point for most companies. Until you start managing a business or start running your own business, you are not going to appreciate how annoying time wasters are. To your staff, the wage they are paid is paid no matter how much work they do. It is a fundamental flaw that has come in as a side effect of minimum wage laws (minimum wage laws have a good and bad side to them).

To a manager or business owner, the amount of time wasted is the same as money down the toilet. The owner/manager wants to see something for his or her investment, and wasted time is nothing short of theft in their eyes. That is why spy ware to see which staff are working and which are messing around is important.

This sort of software may uncover time wasters in a number of ways. The amount of time the staff member spends on his/her Android may be on indicator, especially if the worker is not doing tasks that are work related. Location apps are also good for letting you know if your staff member is at work as oppose to elsewhere.

See how many staff make person calls

Personal calls are a good and a bad thing. They are bad because they are not work related, and they cost the company money. They are good because they are a perk to a job and should be allowed when it comes to hard workers.

The idea was summed up best by Scott Adams who writes the syndicated Dilbert comics. The cartoon showed the manager asking a female staff worker, “Why are you making so many personal calls per month?”  to which she replied, “So I can let my husband know I am working more unpaid overtime.” 

See how many staff are logging on to Twitter and Facebook during work hours

This sort of thing is rife, and if you are smart then you have restricted access to social media networks on your desktop computer (because frankly it is easy to do on desktop computers). However, thanks to apps and different browsers, and even Android rooting, it is easier to get around social media blocks on Android devices.

You can use spy technology to see who is using social media on their phone, or you may simply not bother installing social media blocking functions, and see which of your staff are spending too much time on social media. This sort of thing may indicate that the staff member is under motivated, has too much spare time, or is simply not a good employee for your company.

See where your staff are

A lot of Android spy technology is based around location identification, and thanks to signal triangulation and GPS, it has never been easier to find out where people are. So, you can use such technology to see where your staff are.

This is very good if your staff are supposed to be working out in the field, as it helps to show where they are and where they should be. The apps that are able to show you a timeline of where your staff member has been are very useful.

This sort of technology is used a lot for delivery driver too, who are monitored to see where they are and how long they are going to be for their next delivery. They may even be used to figure out if a staff member keeps breaking the speed limit.

The good thing about monitoring a delivery driver’s phone is that you may see where the person goes instead of just the truck. The delivery van or truck may be stood in one position for twenty minutes, at which point you may assume the driver is taking a break. But, if his/her phone shows that he/she travels during the break, then it may be an indication that theft is occurring. Or, at the very least that the driver is leaving the delivery vehicle unattended during breaks.

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