How to make 45$/month with a Computer, No Experience Needed- How?

I think when you saw the title of this article you may be little confused that with just a computer with internet access, how can i earn 45 Dollars a month.Yes its right, as you know that Review at 8 always give's our readers correct guidance and information to stay safe in this tech world. As we all know nowadays the world wide web is contaminated with spam websites, that provide false information and waiting for grabbing user information and export it for money.

After i got my first check from Google Ad sense, many of my friends asked me " how to generate income from online" .. I helped some of them by suggesting blogging and affiliate marketing. But this steps was not easy for those who dont know how to operate blogging websites or using affiliate networks.

So today i got a solution for those who need to generate a small income for their livelihood. My solution was, you must use a distributed computing software called Gomez Peer

Things you Need

After Installation and entering the details, this is window you see

How to Install and Start making money

First go to Gomez Peer website and fill the application form ( Click here to apply ) then download and install the gomez peer software and install it, After installation is complete it ask for entering your User ID and Password you used while filling the application form.

Now the Gomez peer start to run, and watch the money grow, remember Gomez peer pays for the processing time, not for the online time, so make your software run 24x7 and Earn Big.

Happy Generating income..

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