Bitcoin Mining or Bitcoin Lending? Which is profitable

We had come across a great year for the bitcoin investors, the bitcoin had touched the highest feet of market hitting 1 BTC = $11,000 +. So for early bitcoin investors, this had been a great year for harvesting their profit that they cant image. But many of us had already heard about the bitcoin mining or mining the cryptocurrency. We think already many of us had invested in high-end hardware for mining the bitcoin. 

But nowadays we cant make enough or nearly a dollar from mining using our Desktops. And mining using computers in the case of bitcoin is no longer profitable since the block difficulty had increased a lot compared to each month.  So in this case what are the further possibilities of a newbie coming to taste the real bitcoin or crypto profits.  

We all know about lending money? Yes., the same can be done in the case of bitcoin you could purchase bitcoin using your bank account or cards using platforms like coinbase, Zebpay ( User Referral ID: REF45884699)  etc and transfer that bitcoin to lending platforms to earn a good income from 25% or even more per your investment monthly.,

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