What is eSIm - The New Era of Communication is at Door Step

From the very beginning of the inventions of the SIM card in late 1991, we had seen the different size of sim card those are, standard SIM card, micro, and nano-SIM cards. People tend to live a smart and handy lifestyle. We know that the first computer was weighed more than 30 short tons (27 t), was roughly 2.4 m × 0.9 m × 30 m (8 ft × 3 ft × 98 ft) in size, occupied 167 m2 (1,800 sq ft), and consumed 150 kW of electricity. 

Yeah, its nearly 1800 Sqft was our first computer, but now there are the different device which is roughly a size of a coin, which can be used for computation and communications. From then we had invented many ways to reduce the space to what we have now. Similarly, the case of SIM cards is not different. We all started with a Standard SIM card which was measured as 25mm(length) x 15mm(Width). 

Many OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and Device Manufacturer used this SIM card for implementing a communication bridge between Service Providers and Subscribers. As our requirements and quest for technology have increased we think of making our device components even smaller, So we thought of next-generation SIM Cards which is called Micro Simcards measured as 15mm( Length) x 12 mm(Width). So which is even smaller than standard SIM Cards and give us more space for our device overall size and also contributed to making our device design more compact and effective.  Similarly, we had invented the Nano SIM Card which is considered as Todays's SIM Card, almost all Telecom companies distribute SIM Cards in Nano Format now with SIM card adapter to make them compatible with all types of Device SIM  cardholders

What is an eSIM?

So today we are at the doorstep of an eSIM Card or Embedded SIM Card which is considered a more effective and easy-to-use SIM Card technology which is a secure and robust type of SIM Card that is embedded within the Device.  

In the General contest, the eSIM is a small chip inside your device, which acts like a normal SIM card. Which can be used to obtain network connection with any Telecom Providers you prefer, but make sure that the provider support eSIM. 

The Contents inside the eSIM is writable, which means you can easily modify the contents of the SIM Card like you do on a normal SIM Card. 

Size of SIM Cards

SIM TypeLength (mm)Width (mm)
Standard SIM25.0015.00
Micro SIM15.0012.00
Nano SIM12.308.80

Which Telecom Providers in  India Support eSIM Cards

As per the information provided from the Apple Support pages, we can say that currently, only 3 providers support eSIM in India.

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