Cloudflare Introduce WARP - Now browse the internet safer and faster

Cloudflare the world largest CDN and DNS management platform started way back in 2009. Since the start, Cloudflare was working to make the internet a better place. Cloudflare had launched their CDN service which is being used by a Million more websites globally. Now Cloudflare has datacentre footprints in major locations around the globe. 

After the launch of CDN ( Content Delivery Network) they had come up with a Secured DNS Service with help of APNIC, The is a partnership between Cloudflare and APNIC. The is a DNS IP that is similar to Google Public DNS ( and 

After all, these Cloudflare had come up with new technology called WARP, WARP is a revolutionary technique to secure and help you browse the internet faster and efficiently also browse without limitations, When we connect to WARP our System IP also get changed to their managed IP.

Cloudflare introduces a free and Paid Plan, the paid plan is called WARP+, an advanced service that redirects your traffic to more selective routes to reduce the traffic jams and to make your browsing experience even easier, all for a 1$/month plan. 

You can simply download the WARP Apps from Google Playstore, Apple App Store, Windows, and MAC stores.

It's just easy to set up, just install the software and accept the policy popup, and click connect. You are now enjoying the world best internet performance 

Download Now 

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