How to Get Adsense Approval in One Single Step

For Every Webmaster He/She has to pay Hosting Fee, Domain Charge and also have to pay salary if they have content writer for their website, That's why Google Promoted Adsense for Webmasters.

And now a days, getting Approved by Adsense has become a tough task to Webmaster, So many websites has been denied by Google Adsense Team for various reasons  so they Look for Google Adsense Alternatives.

In this post i am here to help you to get Fast Approval from Adsense Team.

Domain Age 

Some experts says that your domain should be at least 6 months old, sometimes this criteria is not fully obeyed by Adsense because some of the sites become more popular in their beginning itself so those sites having a good number of visitors with rich content will be approved fast. Good Content, Fast Approval --> The main factor that influence your Adsense review process, many of the above criteria can be avoided if your site contains good content that is attracted by a lot of peoples, from my experience i will say that you should have at least 30 - 50 rich articles and should have a good number of traffic. The contents in your site should be unique you should not copy any articles that has been written by others. So avoid plagiarism and write good contents. 

 Enter Valid Details 

 While filing the form for Adsense approval you should be more careful, give only valid details, if Google finds that the details you had entered is wrong you won't have a chance to enter into the Adsense world. So it is better to go through your form at least twice so you can avoid the errors. 

 Simple and Easy Design 

Before submitting your site for Adsense make sure that the design you use in the site is a simple one with no much graphics works also it is nice if you have a easy navigation process in your site and try to avoid other ad networks while the reviewing process is going on, its not a compulsory one but a simple factor which may help you to get the Adsense. Also remember to avoid any kinds of adult contents since Adsense wont approve any sites that is having adult contents.

And a Personal Tip

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